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"Send-in" Nib Work Now Being Accepted through June 15, 2020.

Thank You!

Pendleton Point ~ Elegant Custom Nib Work - Home of the “Elegant Butter~line Stub(BLS)

BLS Modification ~ My specialty for exciting writing is my signature modification, the elegant Butter Line Stub~Italic (BLS) for your gold and steel nibs. My BLS mod is generally right at the apex of “smooth and crisp”. But since these are relative terms according to each of us, please feel free to request “smoother” or “crisper” at no extra charge.

Size matters ~ Line variation on finer nibs (especially the Japanese sizes) is often quite subtle. Medium, and Broad are recommended. Fine nibs are questionable and some are too fine to guarantee satisfaction. I am always happy to advise on via email if you have any questions.

Added Flex ~ For a bit of extra line variation I can add a touch of flex to most gold and steel nibs. This will “fatten” your down strokes when applied, increasing your enjoyment already in place with the BLS. A touch of flex can be added to oblique BLS for even greater thrills!

Please note: For the sake of return-shipping your pens in a timely manner I am limiting send-in nib work to two pens. You may send two more as soon as your previous order arrives from me. This is favorable for us all.

Fees below include BLS, Tine Alignment, Smoothing, Flow Adjust
  • Regular Queue (30 days) $50 each (2 pen limit)
  • Quick Turnaround (10 days) $60 each (2 pen limit)
  • Express Turnaround (2-3 days) $70 each (2 pen limit)
BLS with Extras:
Added Flex ~ $25 extra (added flex only without BLS~ $50)
Reduction (narrowing the tip size) ~ $20 extra
Left or right oblique BLS (any degree) no extra charge.

Other nib services:
Bent nib repair ~ $50
Sorry, no Architect/Arabic nibs; BLS only

Shipping: United States ~ First Class ~ $3 / Priority ~ $7
Signature Request ($2.80) is required for major cities and some business addresses.
Insurance is optional.
Canada Shipping: First Class ~ $11 / Priority ~ $24
International Shipping: (Customer assumes responsibility):
First Class (varies $13 - $19) / International Priority (recommended) $33.95

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